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You, who we do not know, yet, are the center of this utopia.*

If you believe that differences are necessary and nourishing,*

If you have a personal project you want to achieve,

If adventure* tempts you:

You are very close to being a 2015 Oultopian.


The heart of the project is a residency accessible only by raffle, in order to create diversity and curiosity.

The proceeds of the raffle will go to support the Oultopia project and the ongoing work of Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre.

* If the minimum amount to cover the expenses of 7 winners is not reached by 1/15/15, the raffle tickets will be reimbursed.
* A sense of adventure is necessary for the participants, as well as for us.
* The single most important decision any of us will ever make is whether or not to believe the universe is friendly. - A. Einstein.