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I, Isabelle Kessler, am French by birth, American by choice, artist by nature and training, Object Theatre director by profession. My work and my double citizenship have led me to conceive Oultopia. The house has been in my family for four generations and I, Vice President of Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre, invite you to: open the door.*


Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre (FPOT) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization,* licensed in New Mexico, USA, which has been funded for 10 years regularly by numerous charitable and government organizations. The ongoing projects, The Art of Being a Spectator and To Feel is in Question,* are performed locally, nationally and internationally.

* If you cannot go, the prize is transferable, until reservation of your plane ticket.
Oultopia is not only about fund raising; it is part of our mission: to promote culture.
* This project is not a traditional tourist vacation proposal; it is more a possibility to revisit yourself.