Frequently Asked Questions about Oultopia

Where is the money going?

To the winners! Each prize will cost us around $3,500, including airfare, local transportation, accommodations, and administration. Any money raised beyond our goal of $30,000 will support the ongoing work of Friends of Puppet and Object Theater: The Art of Being a Spectator. Link here to Loren Kahn Puppet & Object Theatre, the working arm of Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre. If we do not reach the $30,000 on 1/15/15, we will reimburse each ticket.


An utopia is a dream of a perfect society. For me, a perfect society wouldn’t be made by people similar to each other like in the “Golconda” of Magritte with the rain of “mandrops”. Could an ideal society be a society based on differences, therefore of curiosity and interest?

Is it serious?

A little reassurance: Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre (FPOT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, licensed in New Mexico, USA, which has been funded for 10 years regularly by numerous charitable and government organizations. The ongoing project of Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre, The Art of Being a Spectator, is performed locally, nationally and internationally. Visit the website for Loren Kahn Puppet & Object Theatre, the working arm of FPOT.

Why $75?

For some, $75 is the cost of an evening out, or an electronic gadget which may stay in its packaging forever; for others it is a heavy lift. Impossible to be fair, but time is what unites us, we are all running after it: Oultopia proposes to suspend it for 10 days.

Ticket prices go down the more you buy.

Friends can buy a group of tickets and choose which number is theirs.

What does it mean to be an Oultopian?

It means to be hopeful, courageous and generous: Hopeful that you will be one of the 7, courageous because you dare to venture the unknown and to forge a trail, generous because you put your dollars in this collective dream.


Life can have white water, so if you are not available to go, you can offer your trip to whomever you want, before plane reservations are made.

What will happen in the future?

The project is in its second year. More residents. More stories.

See Official Rules for more information.