Quotes from Oultopians 2014

- The truth is that even before I bought the raffle ticket
just one
just before the deadline

I knew I would win
and I knew I would come
but I didn't know why.

Now that I've come
I now know even less
but I know it more deeply.

All I really know
is that I hope to return.

du fond de mon coeur, merci.

- I'd come again in a flash!

- The week at Oulchy le Chateau was magical.

- Being part of a “dream,” being welcomed, the rules that were not followed, the questions and conversation, the laughter, the willingness to listen and to share, a new view of the world and community.

- We had such a good time with you in Oulchy. My sense of what food is has been permanently altered. I really enjoyed myself.

- We made fellowship.

- The most wonderful experience…It was a meaningful and balanced time.

- Maybe I came to Oulchy to have a taste of what I some day hope to create for others – a place of repose, sanctuary, gathering, retreat, nourishment, restoration.

- My deep thanks for the vision and creating such space, support and fellowship. I loved the daily work because these allowed time for thought and the chores were never forced. I especially enjoyed sitting by the fire in the pillar room, reading and writing. But really, advertise the culinary feasts.

- I knew it was my favorite thing to be in a small “village,” but this really topped all possibilities. From the comfort of my room (love that mattress!) to the joy of sharing delectable experiences “sur la table,” it will be unforgettable.

- Vous m’avez aidé a retrouver mon esprit d’aventurier d’antan.