Alas, no Oultopia in 2016.

Even if we have loved it and continue to love it, we won’t organize a raffle this year.
We are totally involved in a new creation and cannot ride on two horses‘ backs.
Each of the two Oultopias has been an astonishing human adventure that we hope to continue next year.

Thank you, each ticket has counted, each word of mouth has counted, every  expression of support has counted.

We feel humanly richer and are deeply thankful.

Loren and Isabelle

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  • Oultopia House
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Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre (FPOT) is a 501c3 non-profit based in New Mexico, USA. Our mission is promoting culture.
The raffle tickets are not tax deductible but donations are.

* A winner can seize the opportunity and stay longer in Europe, if indicated before plane reservation.
* Accommodations, meals and local transportation included.
* A part of the first floor is an ancient Commandery of the Knights of the Templar.